photograph by J-B Ceran

photograph by J-B Ceran

I was born and bred in Tokyo, raised by a mother who is exceptional at cooking.
I am currently based in Amsterdam to deliver authentic and delightful Japanese plant-based sushi.

Since when I was a kid, creating things using my own hands has always been my passion. Cooking was no exception. Brought up by a stay-in-home mother who knows a great deal of Japanese culinary culture, I naturally acquired the skills and the knowledge of traditional Japanese cooking.

As I graduated from University, I started living a “Devil wears Prada”-lifestyle, working in the luxury industry in Tokyo. Through this career, I explored a deeper meaning of quality and the artisanal efforts to achieve it.

Once in Amsterdam, I witnessed the overwhelming amount of processed food in the Dutch vegan food market, which triggered me to shed a different light on the current vegan hype and reconnect with my Japanese roots. This has resulted in creating ASA Vegan Sushi, an artisanal plant-based cuisine concept.

I hope to ignite your interest to explore vegetables in a new way, as well as enjoy an authentic Japanese culinary experience.

I think I’ll order some California rolls.
— My mum